I Do!, an anthology

I Do!, an anthology
Stars: 3.5/5

Length: 366 pages
Do you support the right of any human being to marry the person they love? The right to say 'I Do' to a life of commitment and sharing with the that one special person? We do.

We hope that marriage will soon be a dream that everyone can share. That's why the following authors of LGBT fiction have donated stories to this anthology, in aid of Lambda Legal Fund's fight for marriage equality:

Tracey Pennington, Alex Beecroft, Charlie Cochrane, Clare London, Storm Grant, Lisabet Sarai, Sharon Maria Bidwell, Jeanne Barrack, Marquesate, Z.A Maxfield, P.A Brown, Allison Wonderland, Erastes, Zoe Nichols and Cassidy Ryan, Emma Collingwood, Mallory Path, Jerry L. Wheeler, Moondancer Drake, Fiona Glass, Lee Rowan.

An enjoyable mix of stories with a medley from fairy tales to bitter endings, it's definitely worth picking up, if only to grab a few stories from favorite authors. Some stories are stronger than others, per the norm for anthologies, but overall a good bunch. (Note, I only reviewed the M/M books below.)

The Lindorm's Twin by Tracey Pennington
An OK story that weaves the tales of classic fairy tales with it's own spin. An extended tale that combines multiple tales, the ride was a little long, but fairly enjoyable, especially for those who enjoy Grimm-like stories.

Desire and Disguise by Alex Beecroft
This is an interesting story that left me pleasantly surprised, despite the slightly bittersweet ending. It has interesting characters, a fresh plot, and while it has a few after-school special moments, they fit into the story and don't detract from the overall telling.

The Roaming Heart by Charlie Cochrane
A short historical piece that gives a taste of the story and a happy ending without going on too long or too in depth. Short and sweet without much filling.

Outed by Clare London
A fun story about a young man who isn't out but isn't hiding his partner either and a memorable celebratory tea with his Auntie where she accidentally spills the beans without realizing it and everyone's reactions. Cute, funny, and short, this is a nice glimpse into a family.

Lust in Translation by Storm Grant
Explosively cute and funny, I giggled my way through this one as I watched these two men fumble there way from drugged to dopey.

Swansong by Sharon Maria Bidwell
A sweet, slightly sad tale of moving on after a loved one has died and being honest with yourself.

Finally Forever by Jeanne Barrack
Two Jewish lovers talk on the phone, planning their move and wedding. A sweet snapshot of their lives and love for one another.

Code of Honour by Marquesate
A fun, sexy story of two legion men in France and the struggles of one to accept who he is. While intense and hot, there was definitely a level of deepness to the story too.

Tango and Temptation by ZA Maxfield
Ohhh, sexy dancing, sharp barbs, and fake accents make this a playful and sweet story that makes you smile, even if you're rolling your eyes. Fun characters, simple plot, and quick tongues make this piece come together.

The Mistake by PA Brown
Funny and cute with a touch of sweetness. I found the sex to be a little porn star for me, but if you like big black cock--I mean cops!--then it will be right up your...alley.

The Snow Queen by Erastes
Wow. Beautiful and heart-breaking. Depressing. Painfully honest in its reality.

Semi-detached by Emma Collingwood
A nice little story, just a slice of life although it did very little to move me.

Rules of the Game by Mallory Path
A short, sexy little piece about two committed partners who switch things up for the evening.

Templeton's in Love by Jerry Wheeler
And interesting story, but the characters didn't really grab me, although I liked some of the messages and the overall atmosphere.

Salad Days by Fiona Glass
A tender story about a man who constantly mentions his ex and the current boyfriend who keeps his jealousy quiet--all while making a salad.

Wedding Announcement by Lee Rowan
A quick end to the anthology, this one is OK, another slice of life as a man calls his father to tell him about his civil ceremony.

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