Forever by Shayla Kersten

Forever by Shayla Kersten
Stars: 3/5

An enjoyable story that continues the romance between Cavan and Biton as Cavan progresses from quivering slave to gentle submissive and Biton struggles to do what's best for his new lover. While a perfectly good story, it did nothing to amaze me into a higher score.

Overall Story. Although I question why the Big Bad waited to strike until now, overall the plot was good. It could come across as slightly cheesy, but it wasn't enough to make me put the book down, mostly because the characters were enjoyable and I really do love Cavan. It was a good and necessary series of events that allowed Cavan to face his demons.

Character development. I really appreciated the amount of growth we see Cavan go through, especially compared to the first book where he's already beginning to make advances. This story gives us more content from Cavan's perspective and is several months later. He's re-learning to read and write and to be an individual person while still struggling with wanting to please Biton, both because of his former "training" and as a lover. The plot of this story really gives Cavan opportunity to show his strengths and how much progress he's made under Biton's loving care. I definitely felt more connected to Cavan in this story.

The end plot was a little flimsy/Hollywood, but not bad enough to disturb me. It did make me roll my eyes, but I saw the need for it, so didn't complain.

Dr. Marten. Some people question how a psychiatrist could behave as she does, but it seemed believable to me. If you don't mind her being a bad example of her profession, then there shouldn't be a problem.

Minor peeve. In the first book Biton lives in a house and in this one he lives in an apartment with no discussion of moving. Did I miss something? Misread something? Not a big deal, but seems like a rather large inconsistency, even though it's not really plot-relevant. ETA: I was wrong, he did live in an apartment in the first book. I misunderstood.


Amara Devonte said...

I was actually looking at these books not too long ago. Great review. Thanks. :)

Eden Winters said...

I thought Biton always lived in an apartment, but it's been awhile since I read the first book. Love them both, though.