Interview: Rhi Etzweiler

I'm very excited to have Rhi Etzweiler visiting my little, ol' blog today!

Rhi is coauthor of Dark Edge of Honor (click the link to see my review) and author of the new (kind of amazingly awesome) Blacker Than Black (see below for more details). Without further
ado, here's Rhi:

How much research goes into your books and how do you go about it?
Most of my works are sufficiently “speculative fiction” in nature that the greater part of research is in the minor details. One of the characters in
BTB, for instance, has synaesthesia. I did a good bit of reading on it when I discovered that this character’s unique perceptions actually had a medical term—but in the end, I interviewed a couple people who were willing to be open about their experiences. And then I sent the final version of the story to another individual to get their impression of how the character is portrayed.

Having subject-specific betas for this sort of thing is almost mandatory. There’s a fine line between fictionalization and authenticity. Whatever an author weaves into the story, it has to be sufficiently based in fact and believable that it won’t jolt a reader out.

What’s your favorite book and/or which book do you wish you’d written?
On both counts, Ludlum’s original Jason Bourne trilogy (I couldn’t possibly choose between them, please don’t make me). I discovered them when I was barely old enough to read the words and understand them, and I loved the main character and the story line so very, very much. I have many books that I’d call favorite, but if you threaten me with bodily harm, this is the answer you’d get. The quintessential soldier, who wants nothing more than to be left in peace, doing what he must to survive.

Which of your characters do you relate to the most?
This is difficult. I’ve been writing stories for so long that the cast of characters is enormous. I relate to all of them on some level, and as I’ve evolved and matured through the course of my life, the older muses have retired to Bora Bora, been reinvented, or evolved along with me. It’s like asking me what my favorite song is—it depends on what mood you catch me in!

What was the high point of the past year for you?
[ETA: response originally slated for beginning of December] This has been a year of firsts for me as an author – and to say it’s been a rollercoaster ride full of high points would sound so cliché but it’s the honest truth. I’ve had my debut publication, my solo debut, received my first royalty payment. I’ve had an artist all but pluck the imagery from my head for the cover of BTB. And despite all that, I think the high point of this year is yet to come. After all, we still have a month to go, right? Sickeningly optimistic of me, isn’t it. Which is unusual. Perhaps I brewed my coffee too strong this morning?

What are you looking forward to in the coming year?
Oh, the stories I want to tell! I have a couple that are rattling their cages to get out, it’s just a matter of finding the time and energy—the headspace—to sit down and bang them out. Specifically, the sequel to Blacker Than Black which has a working title of “Blood Red,” and an epic military fantasy that I’ve been evolving and nurturing for some time. There are times when I wish I could spend all day every day just writing – turn the phone and internet off, and just write. Sadly, I can’t be the hermit-artist, it doesn’t work that way.

Care to tell us about your coming attractions [or latest release, whichever the case may be]?
Riptide released Blacker Than Black on Monday, and I don’t know that words can do justice to how excited I’ve been about this book since they contracted it in 2011.

Here’s the blurb:

Apparently, my twin and I are two of York’s most notorious criminals. We’ve been Nightwalkers in the blue-light district since the vamps took over the world. Don’t know how many years it’s been. Long enough that a stream of fellow ’walkers have come and gone. Most don’t last long selling their chi. End up face-down in the gutter, or worse.

For us, one night and one sale change everything.

Monsieur Garthelle is the first john to hunt me down. He calls me a chi thief in one breath and offers absolution—servitude—in the next. Maybe I’m a sucker, but I like living and breathing. Strange that such a powerful vamp would show leniency to a mere human. And something’s not right with the chi I took from him. It won’t go away.

Neither will he, and he’s forcing us to spy on his peers. Then a vamp turns up dead, and we go from playing eyes and ears to investigating a murder. This isn’t what I signed up for. All I ever wanted was to sell a little chi, maybe steal some in return. I should’ve kept my damn hands to myself.

This is my story. Look through my eyes.

You can find more about Rhi Etzweiler on the following pages:

Email address: RhiAnon.etzweiler@gmail.com

Website: http://www.rhianonetzweiler.com

Blog: http://rhianonetzweiler.blogspot.com

Twitter: @musefodder

Facebook Profile: here

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