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If you're interested in having me read a book for review, you can contact me with the following information about the book, and I will reply whether or not I'm interested:

1. Title, author, length, genres, and release date.
2. Book blurb
3. Any additional information, such as bittersweet endings, questionable content, etc.

My main focus is M/M and trans* romance and fiction, with very little limitation on the subgenre. I will read het if the story entices me, but it's unlikely if there are multiple sex scenes. Some of my favorite genres are fantasy, BDSM, contemporary, paranormal, and sci fi (if it doesn't get too focused on SPACE).

I DO NOT read horror, and while I WILL read suspense/mystery, it's not something I read often. I'm a scaredy-cat!

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Allen Mack said...

I'd just like to say that I'm impressed by your site and, in particular, how clear and succinct are your instructions on submitting requests for review. On certain others, it's difficult to even locate an e-mail. address.
Submission sent separately -
Thank you,
Allen Mack