Full Disclosure

You'll see in my sidebar I've added a disclosure list. You've probably noticed I add disclosures to the end of every book that I received for review, whether I requested it or it was offered to me. I try hard not to let that influence my review, but I also know I'm human and am influenced by outside forces, no matter how much I'd like to not be.

In that regard, I'd like to update you on something:

At the beginning of the year, I began working with Riptide Publishing in a part-time position. While it doesn't mean I'm involved in the production of every book, I will be involved in editing/proofing/publishing for all books on some levels. Again, I will try to not let that influence my reviews. In addition:

1. Books/stories in which I'm heavily involved in the development/editing, I won't review, or at least won't do a full review. I may mention it on this site and GR if I think it something I'd like to recommend to people, but I will not rate it. Just share :)

2. Books/stories in which I'm minorly involved (such as I do a final proof read), I will review and put a note on the bottom that says something like "Read as a proof."

3. Books/stories in which I'm not involved at all with editing/proofing, I'll just note that I am associated with Riptide Publishing.

4. If I really hate a book (which, considering the quality of work I've seen them put out, I don't see happening, but IF), I won't be reviewing it, in order to be fair to everyone (including myself). However, the powers that be have said they do not want my position to make my reviews dishonest and I'm given the green light to be completely honest in my reviews, as I've always tried to be.

You'll notice I didn't put a disclosure on "The Heart's Greater Silence." That's because I received the book to review before I started my position. You'll notice in my next review (of Blacker Than Black, hopefully posted tonight), I will have a disclosure.

I hope this clarifies everything and yada yada yada :)

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