Galway Bound by Heidi Belleau and Violetta Vane

Galway Bound by Heidi Belleau and Violetta Vane
Stars: 4/5

Length: ~7,0000 words
A year after they saved each other’s lives in The Druid Stone and eager to return a little bit of intensity to a sex-life that's been put on the backburner, Cormac and Sean book a weekend in Galway with no limits and no distractions. Cormac has a few ideas on how to spice things up and the bag full of kinky surprises he needs to make them happen: a spreader bar, a brand new toy or two, and even Sean’s own belt. But once the cuffs get buckled, just how far can he push Sean... and himself?

“Galway Bound” is a BDSM short featuring Sean and Cormac from the urban fantasy M/M series Layers of the Otherworld, but the only magic here is what’s happening in their bed. Fans of the series and new readers alike will all find a little something to love in this erotic story.

While this short story stands alone as a sexy excursion into BDSM, it will be better for readers to have read The Druid Stone if they want an emotional attachment to the characters. For readers just looking for kinky sex, this will work nicely.

An unabashed porn-without-plot tale, "Galway Bound" still has character development, particularly the emotional connection between the two men and Sean's boundaries (and, actually, Cormac's). There was just enough depth to give the story flavor without bogging down the focal point: two sexy men getting kinky!

I generally am not a huge fan of PWP stories, as I tend to like plot more than porn, but this story handled it well. The BDSM element makes the sex less insert-and-thrust, and instead draws out the process, building to the, well, climax. The BDSM seems knowledgeable, and covers various kinks without going too heavy, although there is one moment (involving slapping) that bothered me, but that is definitely a personal preference thing.

A quick, hot read that fans of The Druid Stone will especially enjoy.

Received this book for review.

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