Jude in Chains by K.Z. Snow

Jude in Chains by K.Z. Snow
Stars: 3.5/5

Third time's the charm, right? So when Misha meet Jude again, in a gay conversion camp of all places, he knows he has to save him. But it might just be Misha who ends up being saved. This is a story you have to take with a small grain of salt, believing in that *spark* between two people that draws them together. Otherwise it's good, but not amazing; a touching story that satisfies.

What I liked
Misha isn't perfect, but he certainly is passionate about caring about Jude and wanting to save him from the "straight ideal." He's an enjoyable narrator, mixing humor and feeling as we go along. Nothing felt unrealistic or improbable and the flashbacks worked well to establish their history.

What didn't work
The only minor downside is that we don't really see what Jude would get out of the decisions he makes. This is where you have to suspend your disbelief and go with it a little, believe in soul mates or what have you. This didn't bother me and I never really considered it until I sat down to write the review.

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