Diego by Angel Martinez

Diego by Angel Martinez
Stars: 5/5

Finn and Diego return! They've settled in Montana for a nice quiet life, but life with a pooka is rarely quiet for long. But really, this time it's Diego's fault. Mostly. A simple misunderstanding opens the Veil and a whole set of new problems. As Diego becomes more confident with himself and his magic, Finn begins to have doubts if he's the best thing for someone as wonderful as Diego. We follow the couple and their new friends between worlds and into trouble. Life really isn't going to be quiet for long...

I enjoyed this novel overall, even if there isn't much I can pinpoint at being its strong points. The exploration of the worlds and magics, the integration of politics, and the continued study of love between cultures all lent to a well constructed story.

What I liked
Action, world, politics. There were so many different elements in this story! We have the fae political scene, the mundane world's political scene, some shady Alien Business, and all mixed up with their continued struggle for romance. The story kept a good strong pace all the way through--I had trouble putting it down (much to the chagrin of my boss).

Emotions. I was so happy to see Finn struggle with new emotions he normally didn't have, and the parallel incidents of Finn's jealousy and Diego's jealousy and the reactions/end results.

What didn't work
Epilogue. I think it's the only thing I can complain about, and it's not even much to complain about. It was cute, just not completely my cup of tea.

**SPOILER**I'm not sure why I don't like weddings. Also, I was kind of hoping that Diego would somehow be immortal so he and Finn could be together forever. The pen thing was hilariously awesome though.**SPOILER**

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