Jesse's Story by MaculateGiraffe

Jesse's Story by MaculateGiraffe
Stars: 5/5

A continuation of the Slave Breakers series, we are introduced to strong-willed, quick thinking Jesse. He joins the household temporarily, but leaves a lasting impression. He's smart enough to challenge Holden and he watches everyone, trying to understand them with his extremely curious, and nosy, nature.

This story doesn't have the emotional pull that Bran's Story had, because it's approaching everything from a different angle. While the main character is Jesse, this is really just continuing the story of Bran and Holden. Jesse sees everything with a jaded and cynical eye, judging Bran's love for his master as sad and Holden's abuse of that love as horrid. But it is Jesse's meddlesome ways that gives this story its happy ending.

What I liked
More Bran and Holden! I really love these two and was happy to see more of them.

Writing. The author continued to impress me with the writing style and plot development. I think there were bigger time jumps in this novel, but the flow wasn't interrupted.

What didn't work
Nothing jumped out at me as terrible. I felt less connected to Jesse than I felt previously with Bran, but some may like his brash attitude better than Bran's subservience. I also understand that this story needed to be told from his perspective in order to give us his way of thinking, his nosy nature, and an outsider's view.

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