The French Have a Word for It by Josh Lanyon

The French Have a Word for It by Josh Lanyon
Stars: 4/5

A brief, sweet tale of long ago crushes returning. Colin is hiding from his grandfather when he meets his old crush Thomas. But all isn't what it seems. It was moving and rewarding (although not hot) in a very short space.

What I liked
Emotions. While a short piece, we easily get attached to our narrator and experience his emotions.

Story. We are given plenty of back story without bogging down current events, and everything is fleshed out smoothly. We understand the characters without being told everything and our main voice has weakness while not being weak.

What didn't work
There wasn't anything that didn't work, my only disappointments were the lack of a sex scene (which isn't vital, but was kind of teasing) and I wish it were longer, which isn't a failing, since the story is self-contained. But I did want more...I think that says good things about this short story.

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