A Week Free!

Starting Monday, each day this week I'm going to do something a little different, one because I need a breather and two because I think it's a nice thing I may make a habit of. See, I spend a fair amount on books. Not enough to break the bank, but if I allowed myself, I probably could. I imagine you're probably much the same. Or maybe you're on a tight budget. Or maybe you just like reading. Everything.

So in the week to follow, I'll be post a new review each day of a "free read." No short stories, these will take a chunk of your time and, in my opinion, be worth the effort. Because they're free--and long--they probably won't be from authors you know (unless you haunt the same places I do). My first glimpse into M/M Romance was through these free reading sources (which are difficult to dig through to find good stories), and if I had more time or wanted to put the effort in, I'd probably go back to them. I know there are plenty I won't have listed, but if you have a recommendation (or twelve), I'd be happy to hear it (and read it) and maybe I'll do a review of that one later. Maybe if I'm really motivated I'll make a list (although I hesitate because there are so many lists out there already).

Here's the list:

M - Breaking the Mirror
T - Fall of the Dragon King
W - For All Waters
H - A Suitable Lover
F - Stories by Shukyou

Because these are free, I will be more lenient on editing (which I try not to mention too often, unless it's really bad anyway) and formatting (because sometimes the sites used to host just get grumpy). Also, Friday's post is a collection of longer short stories because I enjoy the author that much.