The Fall of the Dragon King by MomsDarkSecret

The Fall of the Dragon King by MomsDarkSecret
Length: 68,000

The world is ending as the gods make the earth quake with their anger, and Mora, a priest and last descendant of the world's previous savior, must work with Prince Hadrin, the last descendant of the Dragon Kings--the cause of the world's destruction--to fulfill the prophecy and bring peace to the world as they know it. But what Mora suggests--a union between the two men--is deemed unacceptable by the King, even as the two men are learning to be friends and care for one another.

This fantasy novel leans heavily in the romance genre, but isn't weak in its fantasy elements as the world comes to life both visually and culturally. The scenes are described just enough to let the reader fill in the spaces in a somewhat typical setting with just enough unique qualities to keep the reader's interest.

The sex scenes are okay, although some of the dialogue in them felt a little cliche, but aren't really the selling point of the story. The plot and the characters are the main interests as the two men try to find balance in their love of one another and their duties to the court and society at large. In addition there is the pettiness of nobles, the support of some family and friends, and finally a fantastical climactic moment that wraps the story up.

Recommended for people who like light fantasy novels that don't get too serious about their world building but still has some fun angles, plus male romance, royalty and priests. Not to mention fun side characters.

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