Velvet Glove, Vol 4 by Sean Michael

Velvet Glove, Vol 4 by Sean Michael
Stars: 4.5/5

The gloves come off and the mitts go on for volume four as Michael introduces Puppy play and more hardcore scenes. When a Pup is abandoned by his master, dog trainer Dane is brought in without really knowing what he's getting into. But who could say no to those broken-hearted eyes? The idea that a dog trainer would be brought in is a bit far-fetched to me, but that angle isn't played up much as Michael gives a little bit of a look inside this particular kink.

In "Anything for a Byline," a journalist tries to infiltrate the club--only to find kink and love. Here we're shown more serious play as Nat's list of potential kinks is more expansive than previous stories in the series, and Richmond is willing to dish it out. These two really seem made for each other as Nat's need seems best satisfied by Richmond's command.

Note: The below mostly focuses on "Anything for a Byline."
Nat. He's a great character who is approaching the Velvet Glove as a complete outsider who doesn't have any kinks (he thinks). Unlike previous stories of outsiders (Noticing a theme?), Nat isn't just a sub, he's a sub who likes it rough. He dives into the scene without knowing much of anything, but Richmond is there to catch him. Nat is freaked out by his own kinks and "sluttiness" but still cannot deny his Sir.

Intensity. There were some great intense scenes. And even a plot line later on!

So much sex. Who knew there could be too much? In these stories, I accept there's going to be a lot of sex, but this seemed a bit extreme. Some of it made the story drag a little, but reading it in smaller chunks (rather than one sitting) would dispel this problem.

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