Got Mistletoe? by Andi Anderson

Got Mistletoe? by Andi Anderson
Stars: 1.5/5

I hate saying it but, "Don't waste your money." That was my first reaction.

However, books I don't like I give the benefit of the doubt and re-read. So I sat down and started reading it again--it's not too long, so not big deal. Immediately I thought I had misjudged this book on first read: the beginning isn't bad. Okay, it wasn't amazing writing or anything, but it was cute and fun and acceptable. My rank when up to a 2 or 3.

And then I hit chapter 5.

In chapter 5, the switching PoVs go from changing after several pages to changing every paragraph, just about. Annoying (and odd) but bearable. But the writing takes a sharp turn for the worse as the character's emotions are stated outright, the dynamic of the characters is forced (the characters would go well together, but they felt forced because they both had an OMG feeling toward the other), and cliched writing becomes unbearable.

If you want a story about two men who fall in love immediately, face no challenges and are written poorly, then you might enjoy this.

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