Love Means ... No Boundaries by Andrew Grey

Love Means ... No Boundaries by Andrew Grey
Stars: 3/5

I have some difficulty rating these books, because on the one hand the stories do exactly what they accomplish, but they do nothing to WOW me. I don't think "wowing" is really what they are set out to do though, so I'm not sure I can hold it against them too much. Instead, this story is a warm blanket wrapped around you while you're sitting on the back porch on an Autumn day. It cuts off the chill, but it won't make you hot, hot, hot.

This, like the others in the series, is a sweet tale of understanding and love, of overcoming obstacles and finding where you belong.

Robbie and Joey as characters are great--considerate, kind, and sweet, plus they care for each other. They work well as individuals and as a pair. Joey has some self-esteem issues because of an accident and Robbie is blind, which leaves him dependent on everyone around him.

Moral of the Story. While some books can't get away with having a moral or theme, I think this series (and this one in particular) can get away with it, after all, it's practically in the title! It's well handled and doesn't come off too strong and just adds to the novel's sweetness.

Predictability. This isn't so much a mark of this book in particular, but of the series. I've figured it out. Boy meets boy. They fall in love. They are forced to split (or feel forced to split). They come back together and live happily ever after. This doesn't make the books unenjoyable, you just know what's coming. (Except, maybe Love Means ... Courage.)

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