Suicide Notes by Michael Thomas Ford

Suicide Notes by Michael Thomas Ford
Stars: 3/5

A good story with a easy to get along with narrator. Although there are few surprises on the content, the way it's revealed is worth reading. One reviewer compared the novel to Girl, Interrupted, which feels like a pretty good assessment (It's been a while since I've watched that movie).

What I liked
Characters: While our leading man is struggling to deny he belongs in the mental ward, he doesn't shut down completely. We learn more about him through his interactions with others than what he actually tells us, which feels appropriate for the character and his situation. I enjoy his judgment of others and how he connects with each of them (for better or worse). All the characters were fun and individual, playing into stereotypes just as often as they fought them. Also, I loved his sister.

What didn't work
Originality. The story, as I mentioned, was very similar to Girl, Interrupted, so it wasn't the most refreshingly new angle. It had it's own story and resolution and was unique in some ways, but overall, the story felt "done." It wasn't surprising or peaked my interest in anything else, although I am interested in reading more of Ford's books.

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