And Is Never Shaken by Alexi Silversmith

And Is Never Shaken by Alexi Silversmith
Stars: 3.5/5

An enjoyable tale, if not too brief. The characters are fun and come to the story with interesting history, even if nothing is fully developed. A good story, but needed more development over the six weeks they're dating.

What I liked
Awkward. I love when bedroom (and overall interaction) scenes don't go smoothly. It makes it feel more real. Andy, our PoV, is inexperienced and flustered and it plays out well without ruining the romance (or sexiness) of the moment.

Character Interactions. The conversations were delightful, the small gestures were pleasant. Andy was a fun perspective, because he normally tried not to take things too seriously, but he was obviously motivated by emotions in most things of life.

Overall story line/plot. Not the strongest I've come across, but enjoyable because of our characters.

What didn't work
The speed at which the relationship progressed was rather startling. While the "hello" to Bed speed isn't surprising, the intensity of the relationship was sudden. I understand it was going for a "love at first..err..third sight" but it felt abrupt to me. The story then skips ahead 6 weeks, never really letting us establish their relationship before the big reveal of deep, dark secrets.

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