Book review - Stirring Up Trouble

Stirring Up Trouble by Z.A. Maxfield

Good, if not short. Not a high-intensity story, but enjoyable. The romance/sex didn't overpower the story, nor was it lacking. A nice mix.

What I liked
Characters: They were realistic and enjoyable, but I wish we had more of them. I feel like this was only a taste of their lives and their personalities. I think if she had taken more time to develop their characters and the relationship, things would have been even better.

The Plot: Not a high-crisis situation, but realistic and interesting enough to keep me reading (and wanting to re-read). I felt the plot was rather well paced and things fit together well. Some people complain that the main characters didn't really do anything in order to bring about resolution to the plot, but I think they made small changes in themselves and how they interact with others, which led to the happy ending. But it's true that the main characters weren't directly making the end happen.

What didn't work
TOO SHORT. It was really good, but things buzzed by faster than the reader could keep up. Too much was hinted at or alluded to. We could have been shown things more. Just wanted more overall.

Toby's sister felt like she was mostly plot point rather than family member. Her four points of involvement lead to two being major plot motivators, one familial interaction, one potential for plot motivator. She never showed up outside of her purpose and I thought she could have been apart of Toby's life more. Evan's brother, I felt, showed up the right number of times (since we aren't given the impression that they are particularly close at the moment and the point of view isn't Evan's.

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