Book Review - One Good Hand

One Good Hand by Rowan McBride

A short, fun romance that doesn't play around. Ace is confident at the poker table, but needs a source of strength, Spade is ... anything Ace needs him to be. Quick and hot, but not tasteless. The plot and characters are well developed (and perhaps refreshingly simple).

What I liked
Simple and enjoyable. The characters and plot aren't exceptionally deep, but they aren't single layered either. There is just enough outside action and characters that we aren't left with just our two main boys, but they are the focus. It was well balanced and well constructed for how short it was.

What didn't work
I don't have anything specific for this category, so why only three stars?

While the story was enjoyable, nothing about it amazed me. It wasn't deep or eye opening or touching. It was what it aimed to be--a romantic story with a few sex scenes. If that's what you're looking for, then this is your thing and I think it will satisfy.

One element that didn't really work for me, but I know is completely personal is Spade's body build. He's strong in the beginning, but gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger. By the end, the description of his muscles puts me off. But if you like body builders, it might just be your thing.

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