Book review - His Convenient Husband

His Convenient Husband by J.L. Langley

This story didn't really do it for me. It wasn't BAD, but it wasn't really GOOD either. This is something I'd reread only out of boredom.

What I liked
The ending did satisfy me, not just because it was happy, but because things felt resolved. The last chapter wasn't completely necessary, but I can understand the reason Langley added it.

There were some good scenes, like little diamonds in the rough, but not enough to really endear me. Micah is really the only thing that helped this story survive.

The story/plot wasn't bad, but it wasn't amazing either. It felt a little forced/circumstantial. Not a story you'd read for a good story.

What didn't work
The characters were a bit irrational...which may or may not have been realistic. Tucker's attitude toward Micah felt falsely constructed with flimsy reasons and didn't really endear me to him. Micah, rightly injured, behaves rather appropriately, considering, although he also has hot-headed moments. But if I had to deal with Tucker, I'd be a little wary too!

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