Velvet Glove, Vol 5 by Sean Michael

Velvet Glove, Vol 5 by Sean Michael
Stars: 3/5

I felt like this book didn't live up to its ultimate potential and that the last story especially was so sex heavy that the underlying story was lost. Maybe I'm reading these for the wrong reason, but all the other stories satisfied my needs. (Um, you know, with plot.)

Three to Heal
I was a little disappointed with this story. We're given Jean, who is scared, mostly blind, and still coping with the accident he survived. He's set up with an established pair, Noel and Richard, who are happy to accept this quiet man into their lives, even if none of them were really expecting it. I wanted more exploration of Jean's issues, I suppose, although that's my only complaint. I would love to see Noel and Richard's back story!

Rock Stars and Size Queens
This was my favorite of the three, even though I wouldn't really consider Minuet a 'size queen'. Size Queen connotes prissy and spoiled to me, and Minuet is not that! He also never had a "That's not big enough" moment, which is classic Size Queen. Maybe I'm stereotyping, but I felt Minuet was unjustly named, even if that's what they call him--once--in the book.

I liked the dynamic of the two pairs and how all four interact as they try to find balance in their new lives.

Fits Like a Glove
I liked the story here, the look into an uber top who has a secret that only Hercules can take care of, and the eventual resolution. However, the sheer amount of sex just ... well it kind of bored me. Maybe it was just my state of mind, because I know that some of the scenes were there to show the growth of the pair in their relationship and I know their time together was limited. So if you want hot and heavy sex, this is the story to turn to.

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