The Solstice Mistletoe Effect by Serena Yates

The Solstice Mistletoe Effect by Serena Yates
Stars: 2/5

The continuing story of Magnus and Lance leads us to Sweden, where Lance struggles with his life choices and the outside forces that don't want them together, while also dealing with a partner who can be a bit dense. Overall, this story improved upon the first, both in character, plot, dialogue, and writing.

What I liked
The emotional challenges faced in this story were more realistic and overarching. It felt true to the story, the characters and the plot. The reactions of the characters felt reasonable and made sense, both emotionally and logically.

The writing improved from the first book.

What didn't work
The characters still seemed too emotional in general. Lance I can excuse the trait, since it is his way, but it feels unnatural in Magnus, who I sometimes have difficulty reading (as in, reading his chapters).

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