My Dog Jack by Habu

My Dog Jack by Habu
Stars: 3/5

A pleasant romantic tale starting with the friendship between a man and his father's dog. The story never gets hot and heavy, but it's quaint.

What I liked
Men and Dogs. The men's relationships with their dogs felt honest and true to me. I don't know of any guys who got quite as attached to Jack and mourned like Rick did, but it didn't seem unreasonable either.

Awkward. I liked how they were both attracted to one another and trying to feel each other out without pushing or coming off strong and then making assumptions and being generally human.

What didn't work
The end. It felt a little cheesy and rushed to me. I kept hitting the "next page" button, hoping there was more. I think I could have taken another 20 pages of Rick and Mike and their dogs. I didn't need a sex scene, but everything felt so pleasant, I wanted more. So maybe the shortness of the story is what didn't work.

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