Collision Course by KA Mitchell

Collision Course by K. A. Mitchell
Stars: 4/5

A surprisingly fantastic tale. This was a free book on Amazon's Kindle page, so I expected mediocre at best. Instead, I was shockingly surprised. This was one of the longest M/M romance novels I've read (they tend to be shorter) but fed to all the appropriate avenues. It never felt as if it ran too long (although it was never a page turner either).

What I liked
Manly men. Men being men. Thick-headed, denying-emotions men. Joey is more sensitive (he's a social worker), but he is still just as hesitant about sharing his emotions. Aaron, finally free of being responsible for others, is wary of getting into an emotional relationship. Both their behaviors felt natural and testosterone-filled.

Character/relationship development. While "Hello to Bed" was under twenty-four hours, the actual development of their relationship took MANY pages. They had a wonderful ride of ups and downs, each side taking equal responsibility for causing discourse. Because of Aaron's unwillingness to share his emotions, the story is drawn out as Joey tries to get inside his shell and they both begin to realize what they mean to each other.

What didn't work
The reason this didn't get a higher score is because it's not what I'd call great literature. There were no plot, character, or writing issues, but it also wasn't one of those novels where you feel smarter/better/more human for having read.

The plot was also minimal, but this wasn't problematic, as the mundane story seemed befitting since the story was more about character development, which drove it's own sort of plot.

Also, I didn't find this problematic, but some may find Aaron to be an irredeemably character and impossible to read past.

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