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I bet you were expecting a review. So was I!

Earlier this month, I had plans of grandeur, where I posted a review every Sunday and Wednesday, and then posted a review or other content on
Friday. It seemed like a good idea.

It wasn't.

For the last few weeks I've been doing just that, trying to post three times a week, often with reviews. I felt stressed abou

t it, and not really too inspired, but I was getting it done. Woo! I was psyched.

And then I started reading Moonlight, Tiger and Smoke, and I felt...uninspired. so halfway through I set it down and picked up City Falcon. And because it had a generally easier story to get into, I finished it. But I realized that I was dissatisfied, and it wasn't necessarily with the book. Because I felt obligated to read, I wasn't enjoying. I wasn't letting the book offer itself to me, I was demanding it show me its best. Doing this wasn't putting me in the right frame of mind for reading, nor for reviewing. I feel like some of my recent reviews weren't very good and I apologize. I'm not saying they are gonna be awesome to come, but hopefully just working at my own pace will help me settle down.

Also, I planned to post this on Friday, but I'm here now...

A Note About November

November is Nanowrimo (that's National Novel Writing Month...you can see why everyone just calls is Nano), and I'll be participating again this year (I won in 2009 and used last year's Nano to do editing on 2009's project). The goal of Nano is to write 50,000 words in the month of November, which is 1,667 words a day, which for some authors is no problem, but for me is kind of a big deal. (We'll blame poor time management and the inability to stay focused...on pretty much anything.)

This means two things:

1. My time is going to become rather regimented. Less time online and more time writing (and running, which helps me clear my head). It also means less time reading (except for Counterpunch, which comes out Nov. 4). Less time reading means fewer reviews being posted. You see where I'm going with this? I still may read some, and may post some movie reviews, but November may be rather sparse.

2. Aside from Twitter and tumblr, I'm probably going to become very inactive online. I think this is a good thing, as I waste enough time online as is and maybe clearing my plate of a few things can help me do what's important...AKA, writing and reading. I'm spending so much of my free time browsing the internet (and I realize I'm using it as a distraction) that I'm squeezing in time to read and write reviews. Since Nano means I have to get writing done, I'm going to have to cut off my distractions. The good news? After November, I should be more prolific with my reading and reviewing if I'm wasting less of my time online.

So that's what to expect in the month to come. I hope you'll be patient with me!

Here's a sexy picture to make up for it.


Chris said...

That's a great title! :)

There's a reason I stick to reviewettes - they don't suck the fun out of reading for me.

Unknown said...

Thanks :)

And yeah, reviewettes would be nice, but now that I've started long reviews, I feel obligated to keep with them. But I will do it my way!

Rhi Etzweiler said...

Oh, you felt uninspired about halfway through MT&S too? Yeah... I was really getting into it and then...

Honestly, I have no idea what happened. It just... flattened out on me. Which is sad. Because right up until that point I was loving the hell out of it.

Unknown said...

@Rhi: I wasn't terribly into it to begin with. It rated a 3 in my brain, but I felt unmotivated to go on. A large part was my inability to suspend my disbelief, I think, which is vital for that kind of story. I'm hoping to return to it and get through it. Eventually.