Transit by Raev Gray and Aleksandr Voinov

Transit by Raev Gray and Aleksandr Voinov
Stars: 4.5/5

An enjoyable piece of holiday story telling, although the holidays are not the focus of the story.

Realism. Aside from the weakness I mention below, I felt the story was very realistic, touching upon things like the crap economy. The climax and resolution also fitted into this, as this simple story didn't need to have aliens attack, just humans doing human things and causing conflict (another point which I enjoyed, but I won't ruin you on the details).

Writing. Another example of good writing. The characters are varied and well portrayed. The plot is simple and strong.

Bed to Love. While I understand the characters have history together, that history is limited and their transition of sleeping together to "I think I love you" seemed a bit quick, especially for the character types. While I understand the characters themselves were surprised by the immediacy of the emotion, it still made me go, "Really?"

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