Love Means ... No Shame by Andrew Grey

Love Means ... No Shame by Andrew Grey
Stars: 4/5

I think this is my favorite of the series, and conveniently the first (although I read it second). Order isn't vital to the stories, unless you want to be surprised by happy endings. So Geoff comes home after the death of his father and decides to stay and take over the family farm. Shortly after his arrival, Eli appears, 100% Amish and straight from the community. He's taking a year break to "diminish his rebel spirit."

Geoff and Eli have a very nice dynamic and are both sweet as sugar. They struggle, they talk, they deal, they love. I think my favorite thing about this story is that it's not fed on misunderstandings but on obligations. Eli and Geoff do what's right, even when it breaks their hearts.

Is what it is. This novel tells you what it is and delivers. No secrets, no sudden twists, just a basic love story on a farm. It does it well. The pacing fits well with the story and the environment; it keeps moving but doesn't seem rushed (keeps a "country" pace, so to speak).

Ending. I think the rising action/climax/falling action were all well handled. I connected to the characters and their suffering, as well as their triumph. Everything felt pretty well handled, and for never appearing on screen, I loved Eli's mother.

Mellow. Not really a weakness, but if you're looking for an extremely emotional story, or action packed, this isn't it. The plot is basic and straight forward with more loving than angst.

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