Love Means ... Courage by Andrew Grey

Love Means ... Courage by Andrew Grey
Stars: 4/5

The second in the Love Means series, this novel takes place a good 20 years before any of the other events. Having been introduced to Geoff in Love Means No Shame, we are transported back in time to when his father and Len met. I read this last, since obviously order didn't matter too much, but I think it'd be interesting to see how everything played out if read first (instead of second as intended). As a romance novel, we can be pretty certain that we'll get a happy ending, but when we know how things will be 20 years later, it takes out all the potential for a twist.

Even knowing how the story would have to eventually end, I was never bored while reading. What we're reading the Farm series for is the journey, not the destination. Watching the progression of the farm and their relationship is enjoyable, as are the characters. Ruby, Cliff's wife and Len's best friend from high school, plays a great role, little though it is. Normally women are either helpers or haters (both of which show up elsewhere in the story), but Ruby is just Ruby. Yes, she supports Len, but I found her role to be rather unique as the woman married to one half of what will end up a gay couple.

The writing felt stronger in this one than in did in some of the later of the series and the set up for the pairing felt well constructed and reasonable.

The sex descriptions. They didn't completely throw me out of the story, but they didn't submerge me in the scene either. It's possible that this is personal preference, because I'm not sure any of Grey's scenes have ever called to me. Part of this may be Grey's attempt to stay more "realistic" and keep the scenes sweet and sexy rather than hot and passionate. They work well within the story, but aren't a draw if you're going in for some PWP (though if you were going for PWP, you wouldn't be picking this up anyway!).

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