Book Review - Allergies

Allergies by T.A. Chase

Enjoyable and fun, but not particularly deep. It's one of those stories that takes place over...ohh..3 days (4 tops), so a certain amount of suspension of disbelief must occur.

What I liked
Well-done sex scenes. There were a fair number of them, which doesn't necessarily make it close to my heart, but they were well done and they never seem intrusive to the story.

What didn't work
The end. I'm still waiting for it. I realize it's part of a series and the main focus of the story (Ray's allergies) was solved, but when the second of the series has nothing to do with the first, I WORRY.

Names. I'm sensitive to names, so reading Lou and Ray kinda tweaked me (in a bad way) but it wasn't awful enough that I stopped reading. I understand people have normal names (and..uh...not so normal names). I read too much fantasy it seems. Or I'm picky.

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