Dirty Laundry by Heidi Cullinan

Dirty Laundry by Heidi Cullinan

Length: 71,400 words (259 pages)
The course of true love doesn’t always run clean. But sometimes getting dirty is half the fun.

Entomology grad student Adam Ellery meets Denver Rogers, a muscle-bound hunk of sexy, when Denver effortlessly dispatches the drunken frat boys harassing Adam at the Tucker Springs laundromat. Thanking him turns into flirting, and then, much to Adam’s delight, hot sex over the laundry table.

Though Denver’s job as a bouncer at a gay bar means he gets his pick of geek-sexy college twinks, he can’t get Adam out of his head. Adam seems to need the same rough play Denver does, and it’s damn hard to say no to such a perfect fit.

Trouble is, Adam isn’t just shy: he has obsessive compulsive disorder and clinical anxiety, conditions which have ruined past relationships. And while Denver might be able to bench-press a pile of grad students, he comes from a history of abuse and is terrified of getting his GED. Neither Denver nor Adam want to face their dirty laundry, but to stay together, they’re going to have to come clean.

This title is part of the Tucker Springs universe.

Sexy kink with tons of psychology and mental health issues, and all well handled. Maybe it’s the concussion talking, but this was a winner!

Note: I normally don’t review Riptide books because of conflict of interest (and I usually read them for work-related duties). I had nothing to do with this one (since I was concussed and out of work), and I’m not rating it (because it’s unfair). However, this was the first new book I read after my concussion, still during my recovery period, and I’m otherwise lacking reviews.

Since the car accident and concussion, I was scared of returning to reading and reviewing, afraid I couldn’t give an honest, unbiased review after my brain hurty. This was the first new book I picked up after the accident and it eased me into reading new content and reviewing.

I really had no idea what to expect from this story, aside from my previous experience with Denver (in Second Hand) and the blurb that told me kink and laundry were happening. I was too out of it (due to said concussion) to really go in with any expectations, which I think worked in my favor. It was a wonderful surprise.

The characters are sweet, but super sexy, especially in the beginning when we get the heaviest hitting kink. What’s really awesome with the kink is the reader doesn’t just get sexy-time, but gets to really see inside their heads (especially Adam’s) to understand what is working so very well in the situation. But the scenes also balance out not just being about Adam’s emotions and they become the erotic explosion that they are meant to be.

The story being told isn’t incredibly complex, but it is a gigantic character study. Which as you know totally gets me hot and bothered when reading ;) Adam has his issues, Denver has his, and they both have friends who are incredibly understanding, mainly because they have worked through (or are working through) their own issues. Seeing the progression of these two men and their friends is just heartbreaking and heartwarming.

Be forewarned, that while this is a well-paced novel, the front half has more sexy sex than the latter half, which was the only slightly jarring part about it. But the reasons for this are good and necessary, so it’s not bad, but some readers may want to know ahead of time. Otherwise, I definitely recommend picking this one up for a read, especially for those who like kink and psychology.

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