Truth in the Dark by Amy Lane

Truth in the Dark by Amy Lane
Stars: 5/5

Having heard nothing but good things about Truth in the Dark, I was excited--and hesitant--to read. Surely it couldn't live up to my expectations?

I was wrong. So wonderfully wrong. I was so moved by this book that I went on twitter and told everyone to read it, whether you enjoy reading two men having sex or not. You can skim those parts. This is a touching story of acceptance, love, and guilt. Of being ugly and being beautiful.

Read it, I don't think you'll be let down.

Writing was probably the strongest part of this novel, because if it weren't for Lane's style and grace, so many things would have fallen apart. It would have come across cheesy, emo, or bland. But her descriptions bring the island and the characters to life, so that even if it is written in first person (which is not my preference for reading), we are not trapped inside Knife's head or heart.

All the rest. I'm exaggerating (a little) but just a run down of what I loved: Imagery, plot, characters, side characters, humor, twists that weren't really twists, and names.

If there is one, it's the ending, but I can't even mark it as a weakness because it fit so very nicely. Yes, it dragged a little after the Big Drama, but it was very appropriate how the rest of the story unfolded, so it was worth reading.

PS. Some people may have more difficulty with the flowery, descriptive language. If that's not your cuppa tea, just be aware that you will face it going in. It's not too heavy with it, like JRR Tolkien, but it does weigh considerably in some chapters.


Amy Lane said...

Wow, Alex--thank you so much for giving my book a chance and posting a review! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!


Eden Winters said...


A) You gave it five stars.
B) It's written by Amy Lane.

I've gotta read this. Wonderful review.