Touching Lives

Sometimes there is a passing moment in life—a brief contact, a short exchange of emails—that leaves a lasting impression.

Patric Michael left one such impression in my life. When I first picked up “The Santa Mug,” my only knowledge of him was that he was an author who wrote a Christmas story right up my alley. Read, reviewed, went on with life.

Then Wishing on a Blue Star came out and through tears, I read and reviewed that one as well. I was touched, deeply, by the entire package. But I’m not one to go chasing after authors, so I quietly posted my review.

And was pleasantly surprised when Patric emailed me about my review. We shared a few emails, but I’m extremely shy, so I vanished back into the woodwork instead of letting it go on.

Some time passed and I was out shopping, and I came across a goofy Santa mug, just like that on the cover of “The Santa Mug.” I bought it, and sent him a message along the lines of “Saw this and was touched enough by the story that I bought it. Happy holidays.”

Once more he emailed back. We spoke a little more, but one thing he said will always be with me: “Come Christmas Eve, I'll fill my Santa mug with eggnog and think of you perhaps doing the same.  We'll drink a toast to good stories, the characters in them, and the readers who bring them to life every time they open the book.”

So when I heard that he’d passed, I was very sad. And although it’s been nearly two months, today it just sort of hit me. That despite our interactions being so small, so brief, he’s left an impression in my life.

And this year at Christmas, I’ll be drinking eggnog from my Santa mug alone, but I’ll be thinking of him and I’ll toast good stories, the characters in them, and all the authors and readers who bring them to life.

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