Language Lessons by Jay Bell

Language Lessons by Jay Bell
Stars: 3.5/5

A funny and touching story in which a young playboy learns about love outside the bedroom. The story is light and humorous, never delving too deep but it is definitely romantic. It could be described as schmaltzy, but I think it's meant to be diabetes-inducing. At least, it worked for me.

The main character is a mix of knowledgeable/jaded and innocent; he knows everything about sex and nothing about love, except maternal and friendship. He's an interesting narrator, although he rubbed me the wrong way the beginning, partially because he came across as a little flat. However, once he started playing match-maker, I was more amused than annoyed and everything worked out.

This is worth the small price tag. Check it out!


Chris said...

I rated it the same, although your review is far more eloquent! :)

Unknown said...

Aww, thanks :)