Fall by Alex Draven

Fall by Alex Draven
Stars: 2/5

I enjoyed this story, and I enjoyed this world, but the reason it scored so low was because so much was confusing. There is so much here that can be fleshed out into a longer piece. I was even hoping that maybe this was just an off shoot of another story without any luck. I enjoyed the crabby centaur, the young go-getter, the conflict between them and their histories. The end confused me a little, as to why everything happened, even if I have an understanding of what happened. The history of everyone is a little fuzzy as well, although I grasped the basic plot.

This is meant to be M/M romance, but very little actually feels like it. Our main centaur had a male lover (boyfriend/significant other/grooming mate?) and there is the possibility of something between him and the young colt, but it's all kind of vague. This needed to be longer to explore the complex systems that were created.

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